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The new Windows 7 Tablets The new Windows 7 Tablets(0)

Recently on Microsoft, the announcement of the new Windows 8 for tablets is coming soon. This would change the old Windows 7 Platform for tablets in-terms of usability and performance. For today we will list the 3 tablets that we think are the best form of windows 7 based tablets and this are from Samsung, Fujitsu, and Acer. Even the windows 8 for tablets is coming out very soon this are the new windows 7 tablets that has features that you ever wanted.

We all know that the recent OS of Microsoft windows, Windows 7 has been productively manufactured by handheld manufacturers. Windows 7 as we all experience is not the most user friendly platform for tablets but then it is the most compatible OS to every applications we need. Windows 8 would probably change the user experience to an easy TOUCH panels.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Why you need to start using windows 7 even the near launch of windows 8 is coming? Because of its business capability and the stability of the windows 7 for business users. Businessman prefers the stability of apps they need for them to do their daily tasks. Well Windows 7 is still an option even Windows 8 is out in the market.

Samsung Series 7 Slate Most of the windows 7 phones that we feature above has this the same amazing features where in the balance in performance and the longer and remarkable battery life but those tablets has this different features that differentiate them with each other. The Samsung Series 7 Slate is the slimmer and convenient handling type of an ultrabook(a handheld device that has features of an ultrabook device). Fujitsu’s Stylistic Q550 is for business, most of its features focuses on business people like the Longer battery Life and the Fingerprint feature. While the Acer Iconia Tab W500 has this Keyboard dock that give convenient typing and most of all flexibility in usage of the device.

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